The Head Angle #3: Danger Chris O’Donnell

November 13, 2018
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November 13, 2018 THA

Every city has its mythical stories about big moves going down on wild spots which can often become legend. In Sydney the man responsible for many of these stories is a bit of a mystery himself. Chris O’Donnell is known to many simply as Danger and his influence over Sydney’s bmx scene spans cultures and generations.

The man is as illusive as he is talented, wherever I travel – the most asked question that riders have about Sydney is “What’s Danger doing?”

In episode 3, Danger goes deep. We talk about his solid early bmx roots and influences, his bmx journey, using A.D.D. to get more out of life and he fills us all in on how he keeps it so real.

This episode is gonna be a hard one to top – we hope you all enjoy as much as we all did.


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