To ride BMX consistently from the early 80’s to the here and now is virtually unheard of. To have a pro career that’s lasted that long is even rarer. It’s not that much of a stretch of the imagination to simply call it legendary.


Dennis McCoy is a rider that has defined BMX from the day he began riding one. From flatland runs that linked so much into one run, to spinning 900’s on vert along with shredding the streets of Kansas City and the world, his riding has inspired generations.

We sat down with DMC to go deep on his riding career, his early days racing, to wild times with the KC Rogues, a chance meeting with Bob Haro and the amazing ride he embarked on, choosing BMX over an engineering degree at a time when freestyle BMX barely existed. To say he made a success of his riding career is an understatement and he ain’t showing any signs of slowing down if his recent sessions at our local concrete bowl in Sydney Park are anything to go by.

Come 2024, DMC’s legacy stretches beyond simply a rider. He’s been the spokesman for riders through the XGames years to redefining course design for the likes of Gravity Games, the Dew Tour and Vans Triple Crown. More recently, his involvement in events saw the epic Vans Pro Cup come to life, heralding in a new generation of transition riders not unlike the OG pipe riders of the 80’s. And his return to Haro is a story in itself.

Lucky for us Dennis ain’t short on stories, so sit back and enjoy tales from one of BMX’s most legendary and animated characters.

A huge thanks goes out to Mick Nieland for making this special episode happen.

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