There aren’t many who have stood at the top of a generation of riders, untouchable for their unmatchable style, progressive riding and wins in competition. Names like Hoffman, Mirra, Aitken and Reynolds spring to mind. Yet before them, one name defined freestyle in its infancy. Possibly more than anyone will ever do again. We were stoked and more than a little humbled to sit down with one of the greatest.


From his early days in the burgeoning Californian skatepark scene back in the early 80’s, Eddie’s ride into the history books of BMX is more than well documented.
Endless magazine covers, video parts and world tours showcasing his ability to blast the hell out of anything and look stylier than anyone doing it.

Far from just a rider, his ability to market himself to the world meant he could make a career out of BMX, a well paid one at that and one that saw him step beyond the BMX industry and onto the big screen. A move that has seen him part of more than a few Hollywood productions since the seminal BMX flick ‘RAD’.

Kick back as we go deep in this podcast that we’re more than a little proud of. Introducing the one, the only, the Flying Banana, Eddie Fiola.


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