Theres not many riders out there crossing the boundaries between BMX and MTB like Remy Morton.


Quietly carving a niche for himself in the world of dirt, his vision flows beyond simply riding some of the worlds biggest trails on big wheels and small.

His passion to build trails started early and his dirt creations around the globe are now becoming synonymous with a new generation of riders not content with the status quo.
That, alongside his own push to redefine and progress everything he touches is a breath of fresh air and has been inspiring crew from all sides of the biking community.

Welcome to the Head Angle #9, where we catch up with the one and only Remy Morton from his shack in the outer limits of New Zealands Queenstown via the wonders of the internet!

A big ol thanks goes out to Red Bull Australia and Andy Jackman for the photos from Boomerang Bike Park, the scene of $7K in 7Days.


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