This past decade has seen the rapid progression of women’s freestyle as well as a large increase in girls shredding it up on BMX bikes all over the world. There is one rider who we all have to thank for inspiring multiple generations of girls to get out there and get rad.


Nina can be credited as being the champion of the women’s freestyle movement. Alongside competing and shredding the Vans pro cup & Fise competitions the world over, Nina has worked behind the scenes for many years to make sure that women are properly represented in a scene that has always been considered “a bit of a boys club”.

With the debut of BMX freestyle in the Olympics just around the corner there is a ton of amazing things happening in the world of women’s BMX freestyle and we can’t help but feel that the whole world is about to start paying attention! We were stoked to have the chance to sit down with Nina at the Vans BMX pro cup In Sydney last April. So kick back and enjoy the first ‘On Location’ special conversation with Nina Buitrago!

Listen in the player to the left or watch the vid below.


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