The Head Angle #6: Eddie FIola

January 8, 2020
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January 8, 2020 THA

There aren’t many who have stood at the top of a generation of riders, untouchable for their unmatchable style, progressive riding and wins in competition.

Names like Hoffman, Mirra, Aitken and Reynolds spring to mind. Yet before them, one name defined freestyle in its infancy, possibly more than anyone will ever do again. We were stoked and more than a little humbled to sit down with one of the greatest that has ever rolled on 20’s (and 20 & 1 3/8…). 

We go deep with Eddie, from his humble beginnings in the fabled Cali concrete park scene, to his multiple rolls in the movie based around his life in ‘RAD’, to his career to date in the Hollywood stunt industry.

So stoked to drop this one. For those that grew up with Eddie’s photos on their walls, to those that are just getting their first taste of BMX now. Eddie is nothing short of BMX royalty and his tales are those of legends. Kick back and enjoy!


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